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After School Activities at YCIS build character

by Emily, Year 11, YCIS Century Park Campus of  Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (Century Park Campus)

School life is not just about what happens in the classroom

After School Activities at YCIS build character

I grew up thinking that grades and test scores are the only things that make a difference in school. It’s about memorizing the terms and studying the notes and getting the As…right?

Well...not actually. 

I mean, yes, grades matter and studying matters, but that’s not all school has to offer. School is just as much about building character, learning to work with others, and being a risk-taker. It’s about finding out what you love to do, developing passions, and discovering talents. Now some people may think that the only way to ‘acquire insights into one’s own character’ is meditating, traveling, or immersing oneself in solitude, but at Yew Chung International School, the journey of ‘self-discovery’ starts with extracurricular activities.

At YCIS, the variety of activities available is almost endless. There’s a cooking club for those hoping to find their inner chef, and robotics for those hoping to release their inner futuristic genius. My personal favorite is Model United Nations, because delivering speeches and pretending to be a diplomat is beyond fun.

At YCIS there are sports teams for the athletic, or not so athletic, who have the courage and spirit to take on any team, and performing arts opportunities for the confident, or not so confident, who have just as much courage and spirit to take on any audience. 

The best part is that while you’re doing what you love, you’re meeting people who share your interests. Whether it’s activities such as World Scholars Cup where you spend time researching and debating, or Minecraft where it’s about building and creating, there is something out there for everyone, and the YCIS After School Activities program is a very good place to start.