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Music man talks to Chalksmart

Stephen Morris from Britannica International School discusses his role as Director of Music

Music man talks to Chalksmart

What is your name, position, school and home country? 

My name is Stephen Morris and I am the Director of Music at Britannica International School. I moved to Shanghai from Cambridge, England.

What brought you to Shanghai? 

I have always been intrigued by the city and indeed by Chinese culture in general. I felt ready for a bit of an adventure and an opportunity to learn more about China, with the benefit of having easy access to the rest of Asia. This job will allow me to achieve all of this in addition to providing me with a unique opportunity to establish and develop the Expressive Arts provision at one of Shanghai’s top international schools.

What is the most interesting part of your day?

I teach all age groups at Britannica which makes every day varied and interesting. The school is a really tight-knit community, and I am lucky enough to be able to get to know every single student. Finding new, creative and innovative ways of engaging children from Nursery age up to KS4 is challenging but extremely rewarding.

What makes your school special?

The school is committed to delivering on its promise of personalised learning. All teachers at Britannica invest in their students, which allows our young people to aspire to, and achieve, excellent things.  

What do you remember most about your school days?

I remember endlessly copying from textbooks, a culture of fear and ‘chalk and talk’ style delivery. In stark contrast to this I also remember those teachers who dared to take risks through creative and inspiring practice, which ultimately led me to a love of learning.